Friday, August 05, 2011

Traveling Art Projects

I've been crazy busy. I'm about to go out of town yet again. I'm taking all my painting supplies so I can paint more ACEO's and do some illumination. I can't wait to try the egg tempera again, which reminds me, I need to take an egg with me.  No tempera without the egg yolk, you know.

I'm also enjoying the opaque watercolors I got at Art Supply Warehouse. They work out very well for traveling. And the colors were well thought out, as you can see by the ACEO's I'm showing you.  Most random collections forget about flesh tones and then when you try to paint people, it's difficult.

I'm supposed to be focusing my art supply money on getting back into oil painting. But the cost is daunting.  I'm not sure what it is about oil painting, but I want to do it on big canvases.  I like to do watercolor on small things. Why is that?

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