Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Popsicle Stick Loom

Barbara's son just got his 2nd tooth.
My friend Ren invited me to a craft group on Facebook. That was nice of her.  I shouldn't have named my group Fayme Crafts because I'm the only one for the most part posting crafts to it, when I wanted it to be a group that everyone could post to.

On Saturday I took my loom to the Arroyo Seco with me and talked my head off about it.  I made a belt. The hardest part was keeping myself parked in the chair. I kept leaping up to play Frisbee, talk to new people, run to the bathroom, hold Barbara's cute baby and eat.  I never get much done there, for all the schmoozing. But I did finish the belt. Now I need to start a new project on the loom.

Barbara's son is learning to walk.

Me wearing the headband I made on the loom.

Barbara took these photos of me using the loom.

Almost done with the belt.

It was Erick's first time. He's making a longbow.

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