Monday, June 13, 2011

Knitting is Sometimes a Big Hassle

I just made a huge mess unburying my Kaffe knitting project.  I gave it it's own special bin, but being a big bin it ended up on the bottom of a huge pile of boxes.  So now all the boxes are on my bed and I'm about to dig into the bin to see if I can find where I left off. Before I even got it out to the work table my boyfriend stopped me to say he was just about to use that table, which is why the project got stopped in the first place.  But he's agreed to use the front porch so hopefully I can work for at least one day on the project and figure out where I left off.

Update:  Tore up the whole room to get the bin out. Sorted through bin and neither the project nor the directions are in there. #fail. Sigh.

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