Sunday, April 10, 2011

SCA Collegium 2011 Recap

I had many fantastic teachers at the SCA collegium in Fullerton this weekend. I went to the following classes:
Thrown weapons, Bardic Arts, Rapier Appreciation, Archery Round Table, Middle Eastern Drumming, and Tool Sharpening. I'm on mental overload right now. Thanks to all the teachers that donate their time and often pay for their own materials so the rest of us can learn something new.  And where else can you get a hot dog for lunch grilled by a man in armor?

To Robert: Thanks for getting me off top dead center with performing. Thanks for the inspiration.
To the fencers: Thanks for answering my endless questions about swords and personas and fencing styles. And for the idea about making favors to give to fencers for a job well done at the tournaments. I'll get right on that.
To the drumming teachers: Thanks for the refresher course. Now if only I could remember those rhythms when I need them.
To Roy: Thanks for coming all the way from Neveda to play with us.
To Paganus and his lady: Always a delight to see you. Let's get those atlatls made.
To Paige and Mike: Thanks for the handmade cheddar cheese.
To Rino and Nico: Thanks for the laughs.
And to Joshua: Thanks for the hugs. Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit more.

And if I forgot anyone, my apologies. I have no room in my brain for logical thoughts just now. Photos soon to follow.

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