Monday, April 11, 2011

Photos from the SCA Collegium

Thrown weapons class

Middle Eastern Drumming Class

Rapier Appreciation Class

Chisel Sharpening Jig from the Tool Sharpening Class

I like to document the classes I take if the teacher doesn't mind and the students aren't camera shy. I took 4 classes on Sat. and 3 on Sunday, though the last one was the archery round table which was more of a discussion than a class. We discussed crossbows and atlatls and awards for archers in each division.  Many archers never win anything so we hope to add some awards for the best archer in each division, not just for the one archer that has the highest score at the end of the day. This year's collegium was held in Torrance CA in perfect spring weather.

My favorite two classes were bardic classes by the Bard of Caid, True Thomas. 
That is him in dark clothing holding the drum in the photo above.

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