Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Change It Up

I went to a new Korean market today in Buena Park, CA.  I find them very inspiring because it helps me see things in a new way. They had teeny tiny potatoes.  When I picked up a handful I felt like Gulliver. They are about the size of small radishes.

One way to change up your art is to do it in a size that you don't normally work in.  If you normally do tiny paintings, do big ones.  If you usually sew adult clothing, try sewing something for babies or dolls.  You get the idea.  Shake up the way you are used to seeing things and step out of your comfort zone.

I'm thinking of starting a flower scarf with crochet to celebrate spring. If it comes out I'll make a tutorial. Usually when I start something like that I get burned out halfway through. So I'm crossing my fingers.  Try, try again.

I just started knitting my yearly bunny too. This one is out of Woolease dark purple yarn. I've already made the head too big.  He's going to be the fat headed bunny.  I work without patterns because I want each one to be one of a kind. I'd like to start making 2 per year because I have two grandsons now but I'm not sure I started early enough.

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