Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Narration and Music on Windows Music Maker

Lately I've been learning how to make better videos for Youtube and other hosting sites.  It's so exciting to be making progress.  I just learned how to add narration and copyright free music.  I've also found out my mike has a buzz that is not conducive to hypnosis videos.  I'll have to buy a better one I suppose. I also found out that the animations I made on Paint Shop Pro work with Windows Movie Maker so now I can put cool animations in my video. 
There are two things that stump me though.  How to get narration and music to play at the same time. And how to do a screen capture of things moving on my computer (like a Second Life animation) and actually get those into my video instead of trying to animate still videos.  So if you are a whiz at all things technical in the video field please give me a holler. Help! 

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