Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yay a three day weekend

Some of you lucky dogs have a 3 day weekend for Columbus Day. So you should be able to fit crafts in there somewhere. I normally decorate for Halloween but I'm going to be out of town this Halloween so I'm not in much of a decorating mood. I mean I can't leave it unattended outside for a week, right?

I have gourds galore that need to be crafted upon. I like to do woodburning on them (pyrography) but I also like to paint them or do sinew weaving on them. Or even beadwork. There are so many things you can do with gourds. I have a quiver I started out of a snake gourd and there it sits while I decide exactly what to do with it. I have a lot of projects like that in various stages of completetion. Crafts requires a lot of decision making doesn't it? Sometimes it helps to have a theme like Day of the Dead or Fall Harvest.

Time to grab some breakfast. Have a productive weekend everyone.

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