Sunday, October 26, 2008

Knit and Crochet

Even though I'm traveling, I'm still working on crafts. The crochet hat I was making my grandson was way too small so I started knitting a pumpkin hat instead. Knitting is so stretchy it should fit him for a long time.

The Beverly's remodeled and opened their upstairs again, so I went up there and found some great yarn for $1. a skein, as well as some colored wire and wooden beads for .25 a package. So once again, I'm going home with more stuff than I brought.

I also started a new wire basket while sitting in the garden area of Linnea's cafe yesterday. When I could sit still no longer, I went to watch The Secret Life of Bees at the movies. Good well done film but depressing, so take a box of tissues.

Well dinner is almost ready. We are having tri-tip, saffron rice and broccoli. Catch you all when I get back to Anaheim.

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