Monday, April 01, 2013

Three New Designs of Beadweaving

Today I started an earring with a coyote on it, but it won't be an earring at all. I'm planning to sew it onto a medicine pouch for a friend of mine who likes coyotes.

I also finished a new pair in shades of pink and blue. I'll add the photos later when my wi-fi decides to work again. Yesterday I had them all but finished when the wind became too much to bear and my needle was too long to tie the last knot. So this morning I found a shorter needle and finished that pair. I was going to say they were earmarked for my daughter but that would be a really bad pun.

Then I took out two rows to fix a mistake on the revised ankh earrings and finished the new revision. I think it needs to be longer, so I'm revising it yet again by cutting my graph in  half and pasting it back together with the new changes. I just need to stretch it out a bit.

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