Monday, April 15, 2013

Chamberlain Ranch Shoot Recap

The archery event I went to truly rocked. So many creative people in that bunch. Its like one inspiration after another.

I sold some earrings including my favorite ankh ones that I just made.  As usual I charged my 'I need to make a living' price and the other beaders practically gave their stuff away. Whatever we didn't sell we traded to people for knapped arrowheads or arrow shafts. Ralph and Joe both make amazing arrowheads and knife blades out of stone.

We were going to stay Sunday night and drive home on Monday. But after we got half the stuff packed, we didn't want to lose our momentum so we just kept going and managed to pull out just before sunset. We saw some calves nursing along the road as the sun was going down over the hills. It was the perfect ending to an amazing event.

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