Monday, June 02, 2008

beading, knitting, chatterboxes

Today on the train I learned to do right angle tubular beadweaving and tried to figure out the herringbone weave and a ring pattern. Not much luck with that as the guy in front of me chatted to the girl across the aisle for the entire 5 hour and 40 minute train ride. I don't know where they sat after we switched trains in LA but I made it a point to sit in another car. Then I sat next to a chatterbox on a cellphone. She was still talking when I got off the train in Anaheim.

I got some knitting done on my scarf during the 50 minute wait at the LA train terminal. When I picked up one of my bags later one of the knitting needles slid out but the guy behind me spotted it and let me know.

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