Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pirate Chat Room on Etsy

I made a very hard decision yesterday. Etsy is taking up a huge amount of my time for very little financial return. So I'm slashing my Etsy hours to the bare minimum, and I'm going to revamp my juggling show and make performing my main focus again. I'm going to make a juggling show with a pirate theme.
I had to ask myself, what has been the most lucrative work for me over the past 30 years, and the answer to that sure wasn't arts and crafts. Most of my income has come from juggling or hypnosis or face painting, or belly dancing. So I'm going to be spending my time where the money is. Sure beats starving. I will still keep my Etsy shops, but I will no longer worry if things sell or not. And I also made a new Etsy chatroom to celebrate called Pirate's Cove. So when I need to socialize, that's where I will be. If you see the room open drop by and say hello.
In the meantime, I'll be clearing all my arts and crafts out of my tiny apt. to make room for juggling and belly dancing. I will keep 2 or 3 projects handy to feed my craft addiction, but I'm tired of everything else being underfoot and making a huge mess. It's hurting my relationship too. We can hardly find each other in all this clutter.
I will still be doing arts and crafts, but I will focus more on making myself costumes and props for my act. I have enough crafts to fill 10 etsy shops but what is the point of listing more and more if I'm selling one item every 3 months?

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