Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sew your heart out.

Many of us have addictions. Mine happens to be sewing. So today I went to Joanne's and found out they had Simplicity patterns on sale and you could get up to 10 for a mere .99 a piece.Compare that to the $15.95 retail price.Did I need patterns? No. Did I want patterns? Absolutely. I've been waiting for a sale for a month. So if you don't sew, you'll probably want to move on now while I describe the patterns I got.Keep in mind they are all Simplicity.

4017 A tunic style top with long sleeves. I think this one would even make a passable SCA T-tunic.T-tunics are very comfortable, even if they are 70's retro revamped for 2006.

4022 A lady's blouse described as a tunic, but it doesn't look like a tunic to me. It has a band under the bustline and a gathered yoke with set in sleeve that start out in a tube shape but end up with a fluttery sleeve on the bottom. It's a version of a peasant blouse methinks, and would look adorable in a small calico or batik print. The 3/4 length sleeves will make it the right warmth for fall and winter in S. Calif.

4317 A sexy little blouse with a V-shaped hem and neckline. It has a sleeved and sleeveless version. This one also has a band under the bustline. This one would be fun on the dance floor and would look pretty make out of eyelet. The neckband and under the ribs banding make it a good candidate for patchwork or embroidery artists.

5461 An old style teddy bear pattern. I make patchwork teddy bears (or at least I did 10 years ago) and have no idea where that pattern got off to, so I needed a new pattern to replace it. Also, I met a 70 year old crafter at the fabric store, and she says she made the cutest bear with recycled denim, and since I just wound up with a bunch of denim scraps after making a case for my mandolin, I'll have to give that a try as well.

4134 A kimono style wrap around blouse/dress that would be ideal in silkie fabrics or batiked drapey fabrics. It's a June Colburn Design. It looks very artsy to me and the artsy/offbeat seamstress would find a lot of ways to embellish it.

4050 The dress-a-day blog calls this a DURO. They've talked about it so much I had to have it. Didn't we already do this one in the 70's? At any rate, it lends itself well to pattern mixing, such as using a few different Asian prints. This pattern uses a zipper, but others have made these w/o zippers so they could just toss them over their heads. Sounds good to me. This is one of the few patterns I've actually seen that goes up to 32W in sizing. So it will be a blessing to those who haven't seen the size 16 in sixteen years.

4219 A unisex poet's shirt. You can use this for SCA or pirate garb, or even vampire wear for your next vampire poetry night. Shown only in muslin white, but why not make it in black or saffron or some of the other heraldry colors?

4046 If your idea of a sexy costume is pirate wench meets Playboy bunny, this is the one for you. It's a corsetlette with a peplum and a lacy underskirt. With Halloween around the corner, I couldn't resist adding it to my costume archives. The ideas shown are Little Bo Peep, Pirate wench, Witch, Fairy and Santa's helper, or is it Santa's hooker? Too fun!

4528 Another T-tunic, but this one has the coolest over the hip slash with embroidery around it. It has a pretty artistic neckline and would also make a great bikini cover-up in sheer fabric. It would be great for the stay at home mom because it fits loose enough to pick up kids, and is pretty enough to wear out to the PTA meeting.And it's way more feminine that schlepping around in T-shirts and sweats.

4646 Do you have handbag fever? This pattern features 6 handbags that look very polished with buckles and trim. A great look for back to school or back to work. And its big enough for essentials yet small enough to not ruin your posture.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Sewing!

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