Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ribbon Embroidery

I was talking to someone in Etsy chat about embroidery. I suggested they learn ribbon embroidery. Another chatter said, "Oh, that stuff little old ladies have on their sweaters? I don't think I'd like that." I hate to tell all you teens this, but there is nothing new under the sun. Every craft you are doing now that you think is so hot and trendy was and is being done by little old ladies somewhere. I remember crocheting something when I was in fifth grade and thinking "I'm already acting like a little old lady, (and that was in the late 60's)." I was going to join a spinning group once when I was about 25, and everyone else there was 40 or 50. I didn't really fell comfortable so I figured I'd go back in 20 years. It's a shame we have so many misconceptions about aging. I'm living for the day when someone says, "Hey, let's go skydiving," and someone else says, "Oh, you mean like little old ladies do?"

Anyway, if you'd like to learn ribbon embroidery, it's typically done with silk ribbons. You can make many types of flower designs. It works up quicker than regular embroidery because it covers more space with each pass.

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