Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crafty Update

When I don't get enough sleep I don't feel like creating anything. We've had high winds which keep me awake at night. I worry about the chicks. If the power goes off the heat lamp will go off. Last night our water pump went off. I think the power blinked and flipped the breaker. But luckily the heat lamp on another circuit stayed on so the chicks were fine today. They are growing so fast! I had to build them a new brooder but did it for under $10 thanks to Pinterest.

I'm at the library so no pics. But when the first rolls around I'll have enough bandwidth to do Blogger at home.

I started a gauge square for knitted socks. The needles were too big so I got smaller needles. So I am ready to go as soon as I have a spare moment. The sock yarn is called Rusty Stripes.  Sock names are weird don't you think?

I've seen some cool home dec ideas on the Dottie Angel blog. I liked her collection of wall knick-nacks and was thinking of hanging up some mirrors when I stepped on the back of a mirror and cracked it. My cat knocked it off a pile of boxes. Naughty kitty. And he scratched me today when he flung himself into my arms. Left a 1 inch gash right through my sweater on my left arm by my elbow. He needs to be an outdoor kitty but there are too many predators out there.

Just today I had to relocate a squirrel. And I think we have feral kitties in one of our old storage buildings. So that is a whole new problem in our yard.

My library time is up in 8 minutes, so I guess I am out of here. Maybe I'll go have a peanut butter milkshake at Cafe 247. And lunch. It's already 3 PM. Bye bye.

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