Thursday, October 09, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday: Knitting and Weaving & Other Fun Things

Well, I'm taken my first woven hat off the cardboard loom. I took it to the knitting gathering at Fanciwerks and it was a big hit. I did the crocheted edging and now I'm weaving in ends. And weaving in ends. And weaving in ends.
Top of beret.

Inspired by that success I grabbed an old oak frame that for some mysterious reason was left sitting out in the weather and sanded it as best I could and warped it to make a new weaving. I just don't know what design I want to make yet so I stopped there. It's a big time commitment so I want to make sure I pick a design that inspires me.
Warping a frame for weaving.

As far as knitting goes I'm still working on the 2x2 ribbed 'architect's scarf'.

As far as crochet goes I did all the granny squares for my purse and now what?

I'm also making a funerary wreath from a grape vine base. I need to put that together today for the service on Oct. 13.
Autumn wreath with side spray.

I also need to get my fashion box together to send to my neice Faith, my birthday box for my grandson 'Gameboy,' and a pair of socks I'm knitting for him. The birthday already passed. That's how far behind I am.

And I have a plethora of pottery items that will need glazing when I get into the studio tomorrow. Ack!

I want to make dolls too. And I just ordered another amigurumi animal book, a paper piecing quilting book, 2 weaving books and some cards for card weaving. Yeah, I'm a bit busy. And this doesn't even include the non-crafting portion of my life.
The one from the library is falling apart so I just ordered my own copy.

The hat is in this book. I decided I better buy a copy before I wore out the one from the library.

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