Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tomorrow's Project

I am going to be at someone's house all day tomorrow. They will be doing their own thing and I'm supposed to be taking a project to work on. And I want to do quilting. Only I can't find the book I need, or the rotary cutter, or the mat.  I'm so frustrated. And I can't even get to the material because it's buried under a pile of bows (the wooden kind, not the hair kind).  So I guess I'm just going to be twiddling my thumbs tomorrow since it's midnight already.

Can a person die of frustration?
This is the panda shirt I made from a hand carved stamp for my oldest grandson.  But here it is on my youngest grandson since it's already too small for the 2 year old.  I promised the older one I'd make him a new panda shirt.

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