Sunday, November 02, 2008


We were supposed to move furniture from Arcadia to Anaheim today, but it's raining. So I don't know if we are not going to do it at all, or if we will do it later today. But I love doing crafts on rainy days. Last night I finished the knitted part of the headband that goes with the free tutorial. Now I just have to stitch the ends together. So glad to be done with that. The needles were a really poor match for the yarn. That's what I get for rushing.

My boyfriend's mom also gave me a big bin filled with sequins, beads, a darning egg, calico fabric, glue and well basically enough for many enjoyable hours of crafting.
And today (if we get out to Arcadia) there is a big batch of knitting needles and yarn and craft books waiting for me.

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