Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kimono Baby Booties

Today I created a pattern for Kimono Style Baby Booties. Then I went to M&L Fabric to pick out some flannel for them. Not having a newborn on hand, I'm 'guesstimating' a lot. I couldn't resist some Bert and Ernie fabric. I know I can't sell those on ETSY, but that pair will be for my future grandchild coming along in Sept. I'm hoping for a girl, but all the fabric I got today can go either gender. I also got some dalmations, some ladybugs/insects, and some baby dinosaurs.
Then I bought some more sock monkey fabric.
Right when I decided I'd done enough damage, and got in line, the store announced it was closing in 15 min, so I beat the rush to get in line as well. And that store has the best .99 scissors...stainless steel, stay nice and I got five more pairs of those. I hate losing craft time because my scissors have gone a'missing behind the couch or something. Now I can keep one other pair in our detached garage for when my fabrics ravel and tangle all together in the washer or dryer.
I also picked up some more hat netting. It's hard to find and once that store runs out I have no idea where I'll get more.

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