Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hula Hoop

After much searching for the perfect tubing I finally found it at the Lowe's in Torrance and made my first giant hula hoop and made it look spiffy by decorating it with red and black electrical tape to make a pirate theme. I'm going to have to practice because I can barely remember how to hoop anymore.


Bridget said...

Hey there! Just curious what type of tubing did you use, what outside diameter was it and also how big was the finished hoop? Oh! And Also, how did you attach the two ends together? Were they simply taped? Or did you add a smaller diameter piece of tubing to seize them within? It looks reeeally nice! Great job and LOVE the pirate theme ;)

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Check out these two posts. I believe it's 1" tubing. The diameter of the hoop should be from the ground to a few inches above your belly button. and

You can also make a connector out of a dowel by tapering the ends but that's a lot more work.

vera.hari said...

Hello, I want to make a giant hoola-hoop (6' diameter) for my horse to jump through. I cannot find a tubing that will loosen it's coil enough to make this diameter without the tubing going all wonky and not lying flat.

Any suggestions?

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

That is so far outside of my field of expertise I wouldn't even know what to tell you. Have you contacted an equestrian center that makes jumps and such? I bet they'd know.